Lectures, Talks, Events, Workshops

Throughout the academic year EUGHS will deliver a variety of talks from guest speakers across the field of Global Health which all members are welcome to attend!

These will focus on current or topical subjects, aiming to provide interesting insights as well as create meaningful discussions between speakers and participants. 

Have a look at the Events page to find out about our upcoming and past events!



Film Screenings


EUGHS members can come along to film screeenings throughout the year. These are usually award winning documentaries focusing on a variety of global health issues. 

The Journal of Global Health 

The EUGHS owns the peer-reviewed, PubMed-listed Journal of Global Health. Our members write up news articles, which are then published in the "News and Views" Section of the Journal. We are currently planning internships for members with the editors of the Journal. As the Journal owners, we are perfectly placed to offer a unique insight in scientific journalism


The Journal is published twice per year. Paper copies may be obtained free at our events. 


The society aims to encourage students to intern at international health organisations like the World Health Organisation. We aim to help students increase their chances of being accpeted as interns by giving them opportunities to demonstrate their interest in and commitment to global health. We also give bursaries to people who have been accepted as interns to help with the cost of travel and accommodation.  

With increasing international cooperation and travel, the world is progressively becoming a global village. Geographical boundaries are slowly becoming redundant. Never before has it been more important to have an overall international view of any domain, be it trade, economics, health or politics.


The University of Edinburgh Global Health Society aims to achieve an understanding of the global picture of health, from epidemiological trends to social determinants and cultural perceptions of health in different societies all over the world.


To this end, we hold an array of events throughout the year. We host key speakers in the field, screen thought-provoking documentaries and hold journal clubs, amongst other events.


We also provide a platform for students to share their own experiences in the field of global health through our highly successful student project evenings.


We are the proud owners of the newly PubMed listed, peer reviewed, open access Journal of Global Health. As such, we offer our members a unique insight into the extremely interesting field of scientific journalism.


We welcome students and non-students of all backgrounds and fields of study. We believe that the solution to the major international health problems can only be found with an interdisciplinary approach.