Alisha Khanna


Caroline Slevin
Hello! I am a fourth year medical student and am the current Vice-President of the Global Health Society. My degree in Global Health Policy really helped to highlight that global issues have the potential to impact all of our health outcomes: from climate change, to the refugee crisis, to socioeconomic inequality and trade policy objectives, and I joined this society to deepen my understanding of such issues. I am particularly interested in the politics behind policy development and how (and why) different factors are prioritised to determine health initiatives. I'm excited to meet new members this year and to get some good discussion going on some really pivotal global issues!


Lisa Tang

I applied to medical school writing about Doctors Without Borders in my personal statement, and that desire to practice in many, vastly different parts of the world still persists. I've lived in Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and now the UK, have seen the different ways healthcare works in these places, and found it extremely interesting. I joined Global Health Society this year to learn more about the academic side of global health policies as I believe that health policy plays a huge role in the health outcomes of any given region. So far, I'm learning lots and am excited to meet more new people and be involved in the organisation of more events in this area.




Angharad Campbell
I spent a large part of my childhood abroad and have now visited every continent (except the Poles!) so I've always been fascinated by different cultures and the health beliefs associated with these differences. I've been a member of the Global Health Committee for several years and really developed my academic interest in the area during my degree in Global Health Policy. I think Global Health affects everyone and will be a critical area of healthcare with increasing global conflict, natural disasters and globalisation so we can all contribute and learn from the discussion!

Annika Wilder-Smith 
Having grown up in a multicultural city of Singapore, and traveled extensively, I have learnt the importance of varied cultures and healthcare all over the world. Hoping to join the Global Health Policy course next year, I have completed research independently and with the World Health Organization to gain an insight of the importance of global health; one of the most important topical subjects. As the events manager of the Global Health Society, I aim to spark new, thought-provoking discussions during events run by our society.

Dana Baretta 
I became interested in Global Health as a result of living abroad all my life and seeing the different healthcare systems of multiple countries and the impact this has on the country’s citizens. I’m really interested in the factors that influence Public Health and Public Health Policy. I think it’s especially important to understand this with regard to the upcoming challenges in healthcare across the world. I joined the society to get involved with making the area more accessible to others who might be interested

Jeanette Hayes 

Global and Public Health have always interested me and are what I want to be involved in after University. I love to travel and have spent many years living abroad so have seen different health care systems. I recently spent two months in Africa, where I got to assist in HIV testing and learnt a lot about the health care in Zambia. Global Health affects everyone and is very important in our current society so by being in the committee I hope to further other peoples interest in this field who are not just medics. As well as being involved in the planning I am also really keen to learn more about global health through the different  events throughout the year!